Wang and Benjamin stopped by the Footwear News office today for a Q&A via Facebook Live (see below). During the interview, Wang created a replica of the celebrated original Adidas NMD colorway. Afterward, they talked about their respective kicks collections, standout shoes in their closets and more. 

Footwear News: How many pairs of sneakers do each of you have?
Last I counted, 78.
Benny: For men, one closet which at the moment is 20.

What is your closet balance like? How many pairs of sneakers do you have compared to other types of footwear?
Probably 75-25 [percent] sneakers. I’m totally a sneaker girl.
B: It’s probably balanced, 50-50. I like to have some shoes when going out.

When you’re not in sneakers, what are you wearing?
Boots, like knee-high flat boots or something like that. In the summer probably sandals, but really I wear sneakers all the time.
B: Shoes, because I like to go out a lot. Probably some Pradas or something like that.

What brands of sneakers take the most space in your closet?
It is mostly Nike — Nike and then Adidas, and a have quite a number of Converse and Asics. And Timberland; I love Timberland. It’s my favorite brand in the world.
B: I have a lot of Adidas now; I’m definitely in my Adidas phase.


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